5/24/19 - THE SUBJECT of my first solo video attempt-fear-seems appropriate given my aversion for camera mugging. But I am still alive afterwards and my underwear is still dry. Lol! If I can help you overcome a fear, please book an energy session with me here.

5/25/19 - SLIMED UP one side and down the other. Lol! I'm always blown away with what I learn from animals and nature. The farm is a wonderful life teacher. Come experience a Healing Touch session in this beautiful, wise energy.

5/28/19 - MY BUSINESS bestie Kristine Kieland and me in our first video together. It is not Oscar-worthy, but we hope you enjoy it. Let us know if we can help you.😁💜 www.marymbauer.com www.kristinekieland.com

6/6/19 - BEAUTIFUL BEINGS -would you like a super quick tip to get rid of negative thoughts? Click the video.

6/12/19 - WE'RE BAA-ACK! 😂. Today we're sharing a simple visual about how you create your perception of reality and how you can change it to be more in alignment with what you want. *Please overlook the Lucy and Ethel cheesiness. www.marymbauer.com www.kristinekieland.com

8/6/19 - HEY BEAUTIFULS! Couldn't help myself-had to share a quick awareness of the process of creating what shows up in our lives, and who we're letting in the drivers' seat. If you have questions or want some help with this, let's set up an energy session.