mary m. bauer

Hi! I’m Mary.

An energy intuitive, author, listener, laugher, and hugger. My healing certifications are in Healing Touch, ThetaHealing, Reiki, and Licensed Practical Nursing.

I’m super good at tuning into your energy field—mind, body, and spirit, and helping you move beyond whatever prevents you from living the way you most want to.


Admittedly, there’s an inner force that drives me to do what I do.

I saw my first death as a young nurse nearly 40 years ago, and it changed my life forever.

The man went into his death terrified despite the loving care surrounding him. He appeared focused on something beyond what I could see at the time, and no amount of our comforting seemed to help. His last breaths were screams.

I can’t erase the memory of his dead, terror-filled eyes, or the way his tortured face was forever frozen in an open-mouthed silent scream.

It was in that moment that I knew there had to be a better way to die. I just didn’t know what it was.  

So I spent my next 30 years as an interior designer—that’s right, I quit nursing, worked for a designer for 5 years, then opened my own design business. I got certified in Venetian Plasterwork, fine fishes, and decorative painting as well.


I loved my job. It seemed I had a natural ability to somehow know just the right colors and designs that would help a person feel safe and good in their home. It was in these years that I noticed whatever someone’s belief was, it manifested in their life without fail. I could see how what they were thinking became what they were living, from the hoarder to the perfectionist and everyone in-between.

I also discovered I had a sort of sixth sense in knowing who in the home had problems or health issues. I learned that if I touched them where they hurt, my hands would tingle and their pain would go away.

That got me thinking.

While I always had the ability to feel and see pulsing white light around everything, I never made the connection that it was the Life Force Energy in and around all life that I was feeling and seeing, much less know what to do with it.

 And then I found Healing Touch, an energy-based holistic technique to healing, and everything suddenly made perfect sense. Healing Touch is a program founded by a registered nurse and taught mainly by nurses. I got certified in Healing Touch, then ThetaHealing, and Reiki—all energy-based modalities of healing.

I began writing about what I was learning and witnessing, and these turned into a newspaper column, books, and events that are helping people all over the world move from debilitating trauma to freedom to create a life they love.  

With these proven techniques, and my own natural ability to tap into your energy field, I can help you uncover your own natural abilities, strengths, and passionsthe reason you were born to this lifewhile assisting you in the process of transforming the habits, fears, and belief patterns that no longer serve your greater Self and hold you back from the life you want to live.  


My commitment is to provide the information you need to assist in the understanding of how your thoughts and energy create everything in your life, and what you can do to change what no longer works for you.

You deserve to experience every joy and fulfillment your heart holds for you. Get started by downloading my free video Learn How To Take Back Your Energy.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m truly honored.

In love, light, and joy for your journey,