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I’m so glad you’re here.

This is the place to be if you want to understand how your thoughts and feelings create your life.

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Hi, I’m Mary.

An energy intuitive, author, listener, laugher, and hugger. I’m super good at tuning into your energy field—mind, body, and spirit, and helping you move beyond whatever prevents you from living the way you most want to.

“The same power that created whole universes is within you. What you think, feel, say, and do creates your world.”

–Mary M. Bauer



My work and everything on this site is dedicated to helping you create your best life.

By understanding your energy and the creative power of your thoughts and feelings, you can consciously build a life you truly love.

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In this powerful (free) video, you’ll learn several fun, easy ways to take back your energy, instantly relieving stress, anxiety, fear, and pain. These techniques are wonderful for children, too!

The amount of my energy I’m pulling back to me is AMAZING! I find myself using your techniques at work during busy rushes. Thanks again for teaching me these fantastic tools!
— Becca, Lake City, MN




Are you constantly second-guessing yourself?

Are you stuck in a life far from your dreams?

Do you have questions nobody seems able to answer?

Want to understand why things happen in your life the way they do?

Want to experience a loving relationship, a healthy body, a career you love?

Everything you want and more is possible.

A former nurse, I’m certified in Healing Touch, ThetaHealing, and am a Practical Reiki Master. I’ve helped thousands of people understand and heal their trauma, pain, relationships, career, money issues and more through private energy and coaching sessions, books, videos, and events.

What you can expect from our work together is a lighter feeling body, a clearer mind, answers to your questions, an understanding of how to consciously create your life, and relatable techniques that help you do that.


“I’ve shed so much unnecessary internal baggage, and now have clarity and peace and intention. I’m working a lot less hard, yet getting more of the right stuff done. I can distinguish between what’s noise, and what matters. But what’s truly transformational is looking at the next third of my life. Before when I looked toward retirement, I felt grey dreariness, loneliness, and meaningless time. I couldn’t see the next chapter. Now I can’t wait to dive in! There’s so much I need to experience and try and NONE of it has to do with my corporate life. Thank you, thank you, Mary. I have my life back. I want the whole world to experience this kind of deep, transforming love.”

–Dianne, Hudson WI





Step One, a Ransom Mayes novel

This short novel will speak to anyone who is searching for a spiritual approach to improving their life. This novel is for readers who feel hopeless or desperate and want to connect with their truer selves, to feel more in control of their lives. Written as an adventure story, the insights help you make a connection between what you think and feel, and what is currently happening in your life. It provides powerful tools to support the creation of a life you love.





The fastest way to understand and heal is through personal experience.

Experience makes it real for you.

We offer several events monthly. Each event is a combination of understanding what you create with your energy, an intense personal experience through powerful energy techniques, and a loving ceremonial validation.     

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