Intuitive Life Coaching Session

Have you wondered why things keep happening in your life the way they do?

Are you unable to break a habit?

Are you bored, unfulfilled, but don’t know what you want?

Are your co-workers giving you a hard time?

Is your partner or family driving you insane, but you don’t know what to do about it?

Are you super angry, and snap at everyone?

Do you have suicidal thoughts, or wish you’d never wake up again?

Have you had a near-death experience, but never talked about it?

Do you know things or see things, but can’t tell anyone for fear of being thought crazy?

Do you have a lot of questions no one seems able to answer?

An Intuitive Life Coaching Session might be just what you need.

During an Intuitive Life Coaching session, I'll tap into your energy field to provide wider, expansive answers to your questions whatever they may be: life purpose, career decisions, work issues, health, relationships, death, emotional issues, grief, regret, guilt, anger, phobias, spiritual happenings/awakenings, and so much more.

An Intuitive Life Coaching session can give you a bigger understanding about why something is happening. It can bring clarity for how your thoughts and energy influence and create everything in your life. And I'll share easy, relatable tools and techniques to help you build the life you want to live.

Three 20-minute session Intuitive Package

This Intuitive Package is perfect if you've already experienced an hour-long Healing Touch or Intuitive session with me, and want some quick, specific ongoing intuitive advice.

Maybe you’re working through a relationship issue and need a weekly check-in for advice or techniques to keep you moving forward. Or perhaps you’re getting the hang of using your thoughts and energy to create your dream life, but want even deeper and more expanded ideas to create even faster.

Connecting for 20-minutes, once a week, for three consecutive weeks will provide sound advice and tools to keep you on your own best creative track.

Because it’s a weekly check-in, you don’t get stuck in old patterns. You’re able to talk about what happened in a safe, nonjudgmental, loving environment, and immediately get the support and wider wisdom of your natural soul self. You’ll feel lighter, freer, and empowered at the end of each session--like there’s nothing you can’t handle or create!

THREE 20-minute phone or Zoom sessions

Once a week for 3 consecutive weeks

What People Say After Their Session: