I HAPPENED to see a TV show where the host was talking about a conversation he had with Lionel Richie, the 68-year-old superstar singer, songwriter, producer, and now American Idol judge. The host relayed that Mr. Richie was busier than ever, rarely went to bed before 2am, and still managed to look fantastic. 

"Why do you do still work so hard?" the host queried of Mr. Richie. "You wouldn't have to. You could take it easier."

Mr. Richie told him that he gets up in the morning and takes a shower, wraps himself in a towel and then stands in front of a mirror. He looks at himself, smiles, and says, "You're Lionel Richie." Then he gets on with his day.



Wow! I mean, WOW! How many of us get out of bed and do that? How many of us smile at our image and know it's a privilege and birthright just to be ourselves? And if we did, how many of us would be happier because we aren't trying to be anyone else?

I've always been a fan, but HELLO Mr. Richie! You've inspired me to take a better look at myself with the realization I, too, get to be who I am if I so choose.

How do you empower yourself? Who inspires you? What inspires you?