EXPRESSIONS of God are within every endeavor. Every trying is an expression of inspiration--a thought of empowerment, a willingness to trust in something beyond the mind's knowledge. 

Every movement toward the unknown is a movement toward your natural inclination to know, to expand, to be the natural expression of the All wherein that moment everything exists and everything is possible.

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Trying is a step off the cliff--a free-fall into the unknown. Toes to the edge, leap into your passion. Celebrate every trying. You are one step closer to your God-self. 

I've thrown away three books I've written, two screenplays, several children's books, lots of songs and poems, and the first 100 pages of several other books. Yet I write. It's my passion. I celebrate every trying no matter what comes of the work. It's the way I honor the inspiration within me. And when I have times of despair, I remember this quote by Thomas Edison:

"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven't."

How do you celebrate your trying? Do you celebrate your trying?