LIFE is the physical expression of love. It's the vehicle used to express what's within us. How we express what is within us is entirely up to us. 


Since it's almost spring, I've been thinking a lot about my garden and how a flower expresses its being perfectly. It obeys the seasonal laws, working with them and not trying to change them. When the ground warms, life stirs within the plant roots sending shoots skyward breaking the earth's crust, reaching for light.

When the petals emerge from the bud unfurling their brilliant glory, they aren't measuring themselves against any other flower. Theirs is an individual expression of the inherent beauty they carry within their roots. 

And when the flowering is finished and the nights turn cold, the plant returns to the earth. There's no mourning for a life lived in perfect alignment with its natural stirrings. There's no anxiety, no regret, no sorrow. Only the pure expression of purposeful being. 

Do you garden? Have you noticed the wisdom of nature? What does your garden tell you?